These services ensure the security of data and IT systems.

Cybersecurity is a very topical issue and will increase in the coming time. It is an issue that affects all businesses and is at the top of the list. The attacks have increased a lot now after the worldwide pandemic where many processes have been digitized. 

Secure data and contrinuity of the IT are very important and vital for any business. Therefore it is fundamental to protect yourself in this area.

o Patchmanagement

One of the best ways to keep safe from malware is constant and regular patching to ensure all software is promptly updated and includes the latest security measures. 

The core task of patch management is to close security gaps in operating systems and applications. In addition, patches and updates are rolled out to fix stability problems, improve performance and provide new functions. Patches will be rolled out regularly or as short as possible in case it comes to vulnerabilities or security problems.

o Managed Antivirus

An Antivirus engine is setup on the client on basis of the Bitdefender. This engine and the virus database (Virus definitions) are constantly keeping up-to-date. Regularly system scans can be scheduled. (Quick scans or full scans)

Herewith known and emerging malware are keeping of IT systems off. Our antivirus feature not only stays up to date with the latest threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also protects against new viruses using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioral scanning. With new threats created each day, businesses can protect themselves by using these proactive methods to help ensure rock-solid malware protection.

o Web protection

Web Protection enables you to deliver web security and web filtering.

o Disk encryption

This service helps you keep IT systems safe. If a criminal gains access to your data, it could mean big trouble. Disk encryption helps safeguard your data by rendering information on the disk drives unreadable to unauthorized users.

o Backup & Restore (incl. Microsoft 365)

IT systems or complete domains will be backed up at a daily basis. (The minimum is every 15 minutes) protecting against data loss, malware, disasters and cyberattacks. The backup can be in the Cloud, near to you in one of our worldwide datacenters or in your own on-premise storage.

You can restore single files or complete systems. Online or offline back to bare-metal.

By Microsoft 365 are backed up all mailboxes in Exchange Online, all OneDrives, SharePoint Online and Teams. For exchange online we can restore single emails or complete mailboxes.

o eMail protection

protect your emails against malware, spam and ransomware. Be certain that they are not entering in the internal network. It is a useful security addition to the capabilities of Microsoft 365

o Continuous document backup

Employees often keep working copies and final versions of important business documents on their local machines. But what if that workstation suffers a hardware failure or physical damage? What if a laptop is stolen? Losing critical business documents can mean wasted time at best—or serious consequences for a business at worst—if the data cannot be recovered.

Continuous document backup is an efficient, lightweight solution that automatically finds business documents anywhere they are stored on workstations and backs them up twice a day. Protected document types include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files, OpenDocument and other open-source file types, OneNote, .PST, PDF, Apple Keynote, Numbers and Pages files, StarOffice, TXT, CSV, several types of database files, Visio, and QuickBooks QBB files.

o Archive / Backuparchive

As you regularly back up your data a series of backup sessions accumulate. After a certain period, older sessions are cleaned due the set retention time on both the remote and local storage locations. 

If needed, you can keep selected backup sessions in the storage after their retention period expires using the Archiving feature. Such sessions will not be deleted (unless you choose to do so).